a bunting we shall go…

Such a beautiful day here yesterday, I embarked on a little outdoor sewing.    All this was prompted by a text from a friend declaring that no fabric bunting was to be found for her lunch party today.  I wrestled with the thought of sitting at my sewing machine inside, before realising I didn’t need to. […]

scrap frenzy…

In case you didn’t know, I’m spreading the word.  Quilty, my favourite and coolest quilt magazine is holding a competition to design and make….. A SCRAP QUILT – what a fantastic competition for someone writing a stash-busting blog (which incidentally, is approaching its first birthday!!!) And the winners of said competition will be featured in […]

creative juices…

I’ve been sewing today, yay, actual creative sewing, so of course, I thought to share it with you.   Spoiler alert!  No quilts involved, but I was inspired by this…       A little while ago, I took one of their e-courses “The Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design.”  It was incredibly inspirational, […]

Yes, I’m smiling

Today, when I opened my emails, I had a delightful message… You won! I’m so afraid this is going to go into spam, you guys, because any time you say, “You won!” in an email, I think the computer thinks it’s junk. But this is real! I drew your name for the Quilty Spring Cleaning […]

old dog, new tricks

I have been sewing for most of my adult life.  I have sewn all kinds of things, from dolls to duvets, curtains to clothing.  I consider myself a competent sewer.  Yet, I am constantly learning.  Even if I am making an item a second or third time, I may learn a new colour combination, or discover a […]

Under the frankincense tree

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stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects