the joy of teaching…

Did I mention that I started teaching again recently? It feels wonderful to be in a room full of creative individuals, all beavering away on something unique and personal, and to share my love, knowledge and experience of quilting.  I have a lovely group of novice quilters who are making great progress in their chosen projects. […]

very productive day…

I have been procrastinating and neglecting this spot recently, in part due to our building work which hovers on the horizon and many other reasons I could blame.  Then on Friday, I received this lovely postcard from Italy. It was from my partner in The Big Stitched Postcard competition. Oh!  I hadn’t even started.  Galvanised into action, my […]


It seems that events are conspiring still to keep me away from quilting.  Not that I am complaining too much, as they are mostly enjoyable and necessary diversions….      I am using my powers for good….enjoying the last warmth of the autumn sun here in the northern hemisphere, making jam, designing a 40th birthday invite, […]

Yes, I’m smiling

Today, when I opened my emails, I had a delightful message… You won! I’m so afraid this is going to go into spam, you guys, because any time you say, “You won!” in an email, I think the computer thinks it’s junk. But this is real! I drew your name for the Quilty Spring Cleaning […]


Incredible.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Mind blowing.  Phenomenal.  Astounding. Mouth watering.  Remarkable.  Quilts!        I have been whipping around Pinterest since I created my “Quilts I want to make” board, (ahem! a lot more surfing than making at present!) and I am simply flabbergasted by the volume and variety of quilts that clever artists and crafters are […]

in with the old, in with the new

The stories and the history of quilting interests and fascinates me as much as the process itself.  In making a quilt, I feel part of that history, the community of people who invest time to create the beautiful stories and useful items that will long outlast their maker.  I feel totally peaceful when I am […]

Under the frankincense tree

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stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects