delighted disappointment

You may remember that my name was pulled out of a hat recently to win a selection of quilting freebies, courtesy of Quilty Magazine.  It was very exciting!  Just when I was wondering where my goodies were, I received a delightful email from Mary Fons, the Editor, explaining that my “freebies”  were going to cost […]

Yes, I’m smiling

Today, when I opened my emails, I had a delightful message… You won! I’m so afraid this is going to go into spam, you guys, because any time you say, “You won!” in an email, I think the computer thinks it’s junk. But this is real! I drew your name for the Quilty Spring Cleaning […]


Finally, quite by accident, I have found “my” style of quilting magazine.  Not only are there quilts that I would like to make, in modern and vibrant colour combinations, but there are step-by-step tutorials for all of them too, plus lots of useful information and history.  It it is put together in such a fun […]

Under the frankincense tree

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stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects