It seems that events are conspiring still to keep me away from quilting.  Not that I am complaining too much, as they are mostly enjoyable and necessary diversions….      I am using my powers for good….enjoying the last warmth of the autumn sun here in the northern hemisphere, making jam, designing a 40th birthday invite, […]

delighted disappointment

You may remember that my name was pulled out of a hat recently to win a selection of quilting freebies, courtesy of Quilty Magazine.  It was very exciting!  Just when I was wondering where my goodies were, I received a delightful email from Mary Fons, the Editor, explaining that my “freebies”  were going to cost […]

why, who, when

Many years hence, when I am dust, my quilts will be here.  Perhaps they will be sold on Ebay as collectible pieces of that quaint art called Patchwork, perhaps they will travel abroad.  Though they may change hands, pass out of the family, and become soft and worn, it is my hope that they will […]

saturday sharing

An impromptu decorating of my daughter’s bedroom, including bunk bed building, plus a rare night out in London have kept me away from both my  sewing and my blogging this week.  So to start, for all of those in other parts of the world, I would like to share this magnificent sight…     This is […]

sneak peak

So very nearly there, I am going to tantalise you with some sandwich pictures…          First, I taped down the quilt back, something I haven’t done before, but have seen on various sites, and it did stabilize the whole sandwich affair. Have I mentioned how secretly ridiculously excited I am about this […]


Incredible.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Mind blowing.  Phenomenal.  Astounding. Mouth watering.  Remarkable.  Quilts!        I have been whipping around Pinterest since I created my “Quilts I want to make” board, (ahem! a lot more surfing than making at present!) and I am simply flabbergasted by the volume and variety of quilts that clever artists and crafters are […]

in with the old, in with the new

The stories and the history of quilting interests and fascinates me as much as the process itself.  In making a quilt, I feel part of that history, the community of people who invest time to create the beautiful stories and useful items that will long outlast their maker.  I feel totally peaceful when I am […]

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stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects