and yet another way

You know, folk are so talented! I am always amazed that, given similar elements and tools, people turn out such a wide variety of beautiful items, and in particular, quilts!  And the fabulous thing about quilting is that there is always another way to learn.  Today, by the power of the Web, I am excited […]

where did it all begin?

To be honest, I’ve always been a little uninspired by patch-working.  To my younger self, it seemed so complicated, fiddly, time-consuming and too rigid – all that precise cutting, joining, points, strange names, and terrible dull patterns of the ’70’s.   That wasn’t the kind of creative outlet I craved.  But fast forward years, and I loved the pretty cotton quilts being sold […]

Under the frankincense tree

Copywriter by day, aspiring children's author by night. Part-time student, full-time mum. A publishing journey.

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stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects