the joy of teaching…

Did I mention that I started teaching again recently? It feels wonderful to be in a room full of creative individuals, all beavering away on something unique and personal, and to share my love, knowledge and experience of quilting.  I have a lovely group of novice quilters who are making great progress in their chosen projects. […]

old dog, new tricks

I have been sewing for most of my adult life.  I have sewn all kinds of things, from dolls to duvets, curtains to clothing.  I consider myself a competent sewer.  Yet, I am constantly learning.  Even if I am making an item a second or third time, I may learn a new colour combination, or discover a […]

old friends

One of the unexpected yet delightful pleasures of working my way through The Stash has been my re-aquaintance with fabrics I have long forgotten.  Despite loving these fabrics enough to part with money, once they became that blind/cushion/doorstop, they stopped speaking to me in the same way that they had in the store.  Whilst fitting perfectly in-situ, they almost become invisible to me.  But […]

where did it all begin?

To be honest, I’ve always been a little uninspired by patch-working.  To my younger self, it seemed so complicated, fiddly, time-consuming and too rigid – all that precise cutting, joining, points, strange names, and terrible dull patterns of the ’70’s.   That wasn’t the kind of creative outlet I craved.  But fast forward years, and I loved the pretty cotton quilts being sold […]

Under the frankincense tree

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Avenue 57

stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects