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What a visual feast of Infinite Variety I bring to you today.  Does that ring bells for anyone? During my app search yesterday, I came across perhaps THE most visually arresting quilting site yet.  An amazing, daring, joyful and philanthropic gift from a lady who loves quilts, to New York City.  The Infinite Variety: Three […]


I have had to give myself a stern talking-to this week.  I think that the enormity of my quest, not to mention the neatly-piled-yet-unsorted fabric in my studio is causing me subconscious anxiety.  So instead of actually doing some sewing, I find myself flitting between this…. …my soon-to-be (ha) Life on a Dirt Road-inspired feedsack […]

old friends

One of the unexpected yet delightful pleasures of working my way through The Stash has been my re-aquaintance with fabrics I have long forgotten.  Despite loving these fabrics enough to part with money, once they became that blind/cushion/doorstop, they stopped speaking to me in the same way that they had in the store.  Whilst fitting perfectly in-situ, they almost become invisible to me.  But […]

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Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects