Moving on up….

There has long been niggle in the back of my mind about this poor neglected site.  If you’ve found yourself here enjoying what you read, I can only apologise that it stopped so suddenly.  I came to the end of my stash-busting experiment, fabric all but used up, my teaching was a victim of cutbacks, so I had to evolve.

I have continued creating, but have turned now to paint and pixels.  I have always loved to draw but it certainly wasn’t seen as a career in my childhood home, so I found my way into Graphic Design for most of my working life which never quite hit the spot creatively, but was certainly better than nothing.  I gained a lot of experience working with clients all over the world and learned all about computer software, but as my circumstances changed, I decided to take the plunge and retrain as an illustrator.  Fast forward three years, and I have a website, a greeting card range, an Etsy Shop (here) and you can find me hanging out on Instagram.

It’s certainly not an easy way of life, being self-driven and challenging, but it is tremendously fulfilling.  I wonder whether my passion for patchwork was secretly a passion for the illustrated fabrics which I can now create.  My dream is to illustrate book covers in the future, just putting that out there in case any of you happen to be Art Directors…..☺️

Happy creating everyone…. and thanks for reading.

MB02_Thanks a Bunch



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