the joy of teaching…

Did I mention that I started teaching again recently?

2014-10-03 14.14.34 2014-10-03 14.12.25 2014-10-03 14.15.00

It feels wonderful to be in a room full of creative individuals, all beavering away on something unique and personal, and to share my love, knowledge and experience of quilting.  I have a lovely group of novice quilters who are making great progress in their chosen projects.

Making that first quilt, imperfect as it invariably will be, is a milestone – here is where “A Quilter” is made.  The desire to start the journey is only a tiny part of the adventure.  For some, the path will be bumpy, forcing them to turn away, albeit in frustration or relief; for others, it leads to a new world where obsession meets practicality and there can never be too many quilts.  I bet we can all remember our first quilt and the wonder of turning a pile of fabric into something beautiful and functional – the achievement of crossing the threshold to a place of creation and possibility. There are anxieties, of course – the indecision of pattern and colour placement, the struggle of seam matching – all problems that ease with experience.

The class is an Introduction to Patchwork – basic block piecing – but people are so inventive, and I am always inspired by the individuality this craft brings forth. This is the reason I don’t teach step-by-step, as some classes do, where every learner makes the same item.  Some of my learners are already adapting their quilting and inventing their own block combinations and it’s thrilling to watch them.

2014-10-03 14.23.03  2014-10-03 14.12.08  2014-10-03 14.11.11

At a time when I can’t do much creating myself (see the picture below!), I really look forward to spending time with them each week.  Happy quilting. x

2014-10-03 18.39.32


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