teacher turns pupil…

2014-11-24 08.27.10

It seems I’ve been away a long time!  Autumn is lingering here and although we have had a first frost, it is ridiculously mild for the time of year. Whilst sewing at home has been non-existent as renovations drag on, I have taken the opportunity to return to the classroom myself and learn a few new quilting tricks.

A few weeks ago, I headed south to the pretty town of Dorking in the Surrey hills, and took a class at The Quilt Room. The classes are run in a beautiful annex behind an old pub, which now houses the quilt shop. So as well as taking the class, I was able to pop in and browse the beautiful fabrics on display, and watch the Longarm Quilter at work.

2014-11-07 13.08.00

My class was called “Jigsaw” and I found myself doing something I never thought I would do in quilting terms – following a pattern!  This was exactly the kind of complicated quilting that put me off many years ago: cut 5 of this, 6 of that, sew A to B!  But with the patience of the lovely Margaret who was teaching, I found myself rather enjoying the slow and steady process of assembling each block.  The quilt uses a jelly roll, again something I’ve never used as I tend to be a scrap quilter, but I took the opportunity to use some very modern fabric designs. I managed to complete a couple of blocks by the time the class ended, and after a few sessions at home, I have a finished top, waiting to be quilted.

2014-11-20 13.46.29

Last week I returned there again and this time there was no pattern – just a set of strips to cut based on recurring numbers. This quilt came together so fast that I finished all the blocks the same day.  There were infinite variations that could be acheived with this quilt, and I love the random effect that I was able to achieve with 5.5″ blocks – I shall definitely be making this one again.

2014-12-06 14.15.59

I shall post pictures of the finished articles when I can.  I will then have two lovely new lap quilts to put in my hopefully shortly to be completed, new family room and study.

If I don’t manage to pop back before Christmas, I wish everyone peace and joy and lots of family time this holiday.



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