as one door closes…

The time has finally come to say goodbye to the place that I call my studio. Though humble in construction, she has been my refuge, and I knew that whenever I sought solace within, I would find peace. Once resplendent with creation, now stripped to her bare bones and ready to bravely face the demolition team next week. I wasn’t quite prepared for how awful this makes me feel – she is after all, a shed. I shall be honouring her memory by saving a small piece somehow, to incorporate into whatever form my next place of creation takes. In the meantime, like a teenager, I will be found in my bedroom.

It has been a heady few weeks somehow with all the planning coming to fruition, and getting ready for construction to begin. I have also been preparing work to go on show in a local cafe…

…and perhaps more significantly, I have taken the huge step to give up my day job and concentrate full time on what I love to do, and feel I do best.

I will share more of that journey as it unfolds – expect to see lots of Blue Sky thinking here! In the meantime, I will be the one wearing the hard hat. Xx


5 thoughts on “as one door closes…

  1. Anything or anyone stripped bare is vulnerable and a little sad, and the place where you’ve been creative is no different. My sympathies! I hope you’ll soon settle into a new and welcoming spot that generates lots more creativity.

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