school leavers….

It’s a bitter sweet time of year if your child is in Year 6 in the UK.  This is the year that they leave the nurturing environment of their primary education and move to “big” school.  It’s quite a transition – friends are going to different schools; end of year productions are being rehearsed; favourite teachers who have helped to shape these young people are being left behind.  So many memories are being forged in these last precious weeks.

IMG_5548  IMG_5543   IMG_5547

I have created a little something to remind my daughter of her happy days – something to keep close for comfort when needed.  I like it ever so much more because it means her uniform is not being thrown away, but living on in a different guise, just like the Memory Quilts I made from her baby clothes.

If you can sew, you can rustle up one of these in no time.  It’s a Log Cabin patchwork pattern and I found the optimum width to cut the strips was 2.5″, which gives a 2″ finished strip using the quarter inch seam.  I stabilised the stretchy fabrics with fusible interfacing first.

I’m writing up a pattern now.  Please email me if you’d like one.  Alternatively, I plan to be taking UK orders to make them in the summer holidays, so email me if you’d like further details –

Roll on, summer days….


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