happy new year


I hope you had a restful and peaceful Christmas holiday?  The prevailing theme in the UK was wet and stormy, apart from a glorious Boxing Day, on which we escaped the house for a spot of ice skating at Hampton Court Palace.

Today is Day 342 of my Stash Busting project – that means almost a year since I started this blog.  I had envisaged more quilts in my Finished Projects area, but I have hit a wall, somehow, with my fabrics.  Familiarity really has bred contempt, so that my stash is no longer inspiring me, quilt-wise.  But I have a plan.

An email popped into my Inbox and into my consciousness today,  Swap your Stash day!   How have I never heard of such a thing before.  It is just what the doctor ordered.  It is being organised by Creative Quilting, a quilt shop in aforementioned Hampton Court – not a place I frequent often since I have sworn off buying fabric, but A SWAP!  Perfect.  The idea is to label up your unwanted pieces, take them along to their workroom, and come home with something new.  I see this a an opportunity to re-energise my quilt making.  Watch this space!  And if you have any great quilt patterns, please share.

There was a little making in our house over the holidays – I needed a new pair of slippers and one of my resolutions is to share all my patterns and templates on the tutorial page.  As for the Scarab Amulet – my daughter has been in and out of my workroom working on her Egyptian project homework.  Looks like one of them may be following in my creative footsteps!   

IMG_4616   IMG_4678


One thought on “happy new year

  1. We made death mask using mod roc. It dried quickly and c had to be quiet and still for 5 mins also got barbie and made a mummy using toilet roll and flour mixed with water. Enjoy.

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