sewing christmas lovely…

I have been teaching again recently – a general, make-anything class, and it was lovely to be back in touch with people who want to craft something meaningful for themselves.  There were a couple of skirts, a box cushion and some bags being made, to the steady hum of sewing machine and the odd curse, with just a quick break for coffee and cake, as time was of the essence.
It put me in mind of the Christmas workshops that I ran with a friend two years ago, crafting scraps into tree decorations, advent calendars and stockings, some of which you can see in my new Christmas header at the top of the page.  I thought I would revisit the day here with you, as I recently came across my old blog notes….

Saturday, 12 November 2011


“I had such a lovely day today.  Spent with like-minded people, creating lovely things to their own design. That’s the idea behind CottonHappy – we supply a little material, some ideas, our friends do the rest.  I am always amazed that people can take the same base materials and create such beautiful things.  I hope they will come back and make some more and be inspired to create at home.”

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

I have been revisiting Saturday’s workshop in my mind today, going over the things that worked, comments made, areas that didn’t flow and gathering the lessons to take forward to the next workshop.  I have been asked many times how it went, and it is hard to find an answer.  It went so well, and I really enjoyed it which I hadn’t really expected – it felt natural to be there sharing a few creative hours, and to feel a sense of pride that we made this happen, and amazement at how clever other people are.  Even when you are the teacher, there is something to learn.


It’s a relief to know that the egg we’ve been hatching these past few weeks is something that others want to share, and enjoy.  It went by so fast, I wish we could have had more time.  Roll on next Wednesday….”

The sentiments of that post two years ago still hold true today, with new learners, making new items.   Thanks to the friends who came, made, and supplied inspiration and laughter…
I’ll be sharing a couple more posts from the past over the next few days and will try to dig out the templates for the items we made.

Love to hear from you

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