I have been terribly neglectful of this space over the past few months – a combination of tasks and events pulling me away from my sewing self.

festive feasting ticketFrances is 40  bazaar 2013 flyer

But it hasn’t been an uncreative time.   I can never say no when I am asked to use my redundant graphic design skills.   However, I lie in bed of a night with a mind overflowing with textile ideas to the point of insomnia, but without the time or energy to bring them to fruition.

Yet, I feel on the brink of an awakening.   The ballet show looms, but my small part – in the form of 70 or so skirts, neck-a-chiefs, leotards and armbands –  is done.   So I was able to indulge in a little creativity for my niece’s birthday.

A little while ago, a creative friend sent me a link to a company who will insert your pet into a picture of a VW Campervan, and for a limited time, the image was free to use in a non-commercial way…

pippa car  IMG_4413   IMG_4412

So my niece had some special wrapping for her gift.   I would recommend a visit to the SnapDragon site, click on the photo above, as they have all sorts of clever ideas, and you know, there is a big event coming on the horizon…

Speaking of which, I intend to make some christmas items in the near future, so come back and see me soon.


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