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September is looming!   The nights are closing in.  I have been absent, but not idle on the sewing front – uniform is labelled and ready for the first day of term;  I have attacked my mending pile, and where there were holes in t-shirts, now flowers bloom;  the bi-annual ballet show is on the horizon, and 1950’s style circle skirts are ready to be sewn to their elastic waistbands; and shirts are now separated from their cuffs and collars, ready to become a quilt top.

I always feel slightly melancholy at this time of year, my emotions synchronised now with the academic year in a way they never were before children.  My family are each embarking on a new phase of growth, exciting and frightening in equal measure for all of us, yet home remains the constant, and in particular the steady stoic work of making, which won’t be rushed.  And there is always a new idea to feed the creativity.

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And speaking of creativity, I was at a family wedding yesterday, where bunting was as abundant as guests – it looked stunning.  The reception was held at an animal park where we were treated to a glimpse of this delightful baby meerkat, as he came out for a look around, although I don’t think the weather was to his liking.  Many of the young teen girls at the wedding were wearing skater skirts, a 1950’s circular skirt in a modern guise, I thought, as I was cutting and planning the ballet skirts today, so I had a little play around and made a small version for my daughter, which pleased her no end. Tutorial to follow for young aspiring skaters.


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