in memory

It is Day 125 of my stash bust.  Several projects completed, and one full size quilt.  So what’s next?


I still have all my scrap blocks on the design wall, and I plan to add to those as the mood takes me.  In fact, I think I am going to make some strip squares and mix those in – perhaps even cut a few once they are sewn, and reassemble them to produce a different design.  I am fascinated by the combinations that can be achieved.  However, I think, having written about my Quilts of Love recently, my next quilt is going to be a Memorial Quilt.

I have mentioned previously that quilting for me is a very personal and expressive craft – they are like treasures to be gifted, and if they can be fashioned from pre-loved fabric, especially where there is meaning in that fabric, then I can think of no greater celebration of a life, whether current or past, to give as a gift.  This quilt will be a memorial to my dad and will be gifted to family.

IMG_3913   IMG_3915

So today I have been working on this rather strange group of shirts and handkerchiefs, cutting off the sleeves, cuffs and collars, laying out the back and fronts to cut.  Hard to imagine in quilt form, but I trust the process – even the uglies have a way of shining!   I have tamed them thus far into 2.5″ strips, an extremely versatile quilting cut, as I am not sure how they are going to be assembled yet, but given the disparity in colour and design, I plan to mix them with lots of neutrals.  I am quite keen to try an Irish Chain, something like this might work well.

It will take a long time, this quilt, it will be contemplative work, but that is part of the joy in working on something like this – keeping a loved-one ever present and close in mind.


RIP Dad 5.7.41 – 28.9.10


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