friday feeling

Today is officially the first day of summer, and after a cloudy and muggy start, it has turned into a beautiful afternoon. The warm weather has finally bought the Elderflower out, and so I was inspired to pick some for my annual attempt to make cordial.  However it turns out, it always looks so pretty […]

nine patch block

Having spoken about the Irish Chain last post, I was keen to try it out, so today I have a little tutorial for you – the nine patch block. This block is made by combining two “strip sets” which themselves are created by combining three strips.  Sound confusing?  It’s really not.  It is just a […]

busy week

     Phew, it’s a busy time here this week, in a good way.  There’s lots on my cutting table.  It’s ballet show time of year again, which means lots of sparkle and sequins spreading around the house, not to mention the white dress to finish, which I am trying to keep away from all the […]

saturday sunday sharing

Whoops!  Where did that day go? My share today is the beautiful Purl Bee website.  Perhaps you have heard of them already as they are often featured in magazines or been lucky enough to visit in person.  They are physically a shop in Soho, New York, but luckily for those of us who don’t live in […]

delighted disappointment

You may remember that my name was pulled out of a hat recently to win a selection of quilting freebies, courtesy of Quilty Magazine.  It was very exciting!  Just when I was wondering where my goodies were, I received a delightful email from Mary Fons, the Editor, explaining that my “freebies”  were going to cost […]

saturday sharing

Following on from yesterday’s subject of quilt history, I would like to share today The International Quilt Study Centre and Museum, at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Lincoln houses the largest publicly held collection of quilts, which date from the early 1700’s to present day.  I hope to be able to visit in person one day, but […]

why, who, when

Many years hence, when I am dust, my quilts will be here.  Perhaps they will be sold on Ebay as collectible pieces of that quaint art called Patchwork, perhaps they will travel abroad.  Though they may change hands, pass out of the family, and become soft and worn, it is my hope that they will […]

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stash busting patchwork and projects