Yes, I’m smiling

Today, when I opened my emails, I had a delightful message…



You won!

I’m so afraid this is going to go into spam, you guys, because any time you say, “You won!” in an email, I think the computer thinks it’s junk. But this is real! I drew your name for the Quilty Spring Cleaning Giveaway! If you go to the Quilty blog, you can see me drawing your name in the “live” video on YouTube. Very exciting.

Just send me your address and your box will be shipped next week. Every box is different. Every box has various items in it — there is no rhyme or reason, but it’s free and you won and you’ll smile, I’m sure.


I went directly to the blog, I heard my name read out, and yes, I am smiling….still.  It is lovely when something unexpected happens to brighten the day, especially when entering was such a long shot.   I am so excited to get that package, all the way from the USA, and see what quilting goodies are inside.  Love, love Quilty!  I know I have shared it before, but take a look (Quilty) – you can watch Quilting TV, for heavens sake!


On the home front, I did indeed get the borders on my quilt today.  I have made the binding (all 7 metres of it) and I am going to created a pieced back, so that I can truly say that this scrap quilt has used every last bit of that fabric from my stash.

And yes, I’m still smiling….


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