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Today’s post is not really about stash busting, but I want to share with you, the prettiness that is the Moda Bake Shop.  What’s that, you say?  Baking?

Moda Bake Shop

When you arrive there, it certainly takes a moment to adjust, especially if you are not familiar with the world and terminology of pre-cuts – fat quarter,  jelly roll, layer cake, charm pack.  The site has a lovely vintage, tea time, cup cake feel, but with Moda in the title, of course it is fabric based.  It is the blog side of their website, and there are lots of  inspiring “recipes” to follow, all designed to be used with their precut fabrics (but you could use your own too), plus some useful tutorials, and of course, the pretty fabric to dream about.  It is a great place to search for present ideas to make, and if you are really feeling creative, you can become one of their “chefs” and send in your own project that might be featured!

The benefit of using precuts, of course, is that someone has already combined the colours for you, and done some of the cutting, so you know that everything will go together, and it is a fast way of piecing.  In baking terms, it is like buying a cake mix off the shelf – you still have to do the work of putting the cake together, but it eliminates some of the steps for you.  It is another avenue in this huge craft of quilting.  One day I may try and write them all down!

Moda have books too!  Certainly something there to keep those hands busy!


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