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An impromptu decorating of my daughter’s bedroom, including bunk bed building, plus a rare night out in London have kept me away from both my  sewing and my blogging this week.  So to start, for all of those in other parts of the world, I would like to share this magnificent sight…     This is […]

sneak peak

So very nearly there, I am going to tantalise you with some sandwich pictures…          First, I taped down the quilt back, something I haven’t done before, but have seen on various sites, and it did stabilize the whole sandwich affair. Have I mentioned how secretly ridiculously excited I am about this […]

Yes, I’m smiling

Today, when I opened my emails, I had a delightful message… You won! I’m so afraid this is going to go into spam, you guys, because any time you say, “You won!” in an email, I think the computer thinks it’s junk. But this is real! I drew your name for the Quilty Spring Cleaning […]


Incredible.  Spectacular.  Awesome.  Mind blowing.  Phenomenal.  Astounding. Mouth watering.  Remarkable.  Quilts!        I have been whipping around Pinterest since I created my “Quilts I want to make” board, (ahem! a lot more surfing than making at present!) and I am simply flabbergasted by the volume and variety of quilts that clever artists and crafters are […]

saturday sharing

Today’s post is not really about stash busting, but I want to share with you, the prettiness that is the Moda Bake Shop.  What’s that, you say?  Baking? When you arrive there, it certainly takes a moment to adjust, especially if you are not familiar with the world and terminology of pre-cuts – fat quarter,  jelly […]

pin it

I have been pinning and pinning for hours this week.  And I have plenty of quilts to show you.  Sadly, they are of the virtual kind, and they are over on my new Pinterest Board. I have named it “Quilts I want to make” and I plan to use it for inspiration.  Funny how there is […]

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stash busting patchwork and projects