saturday sharing

What a visual feast of Infinite Variety I bring to you today.  Does that ring bells for anyone?

During my app search yesterday, I came across perhaps THE most visually arresting quilting site yet.  An amazing, daring, joyful and philanthropic gift from a lady who loves quilts, to New York City.  The Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts exhibition.

infinite variety

The scale of this exhibit defies belief.  650 handmade quilts, all turkey red and white, collected over 55 years – one woman’s passion and a husband’s indulgence in one place for the first and maybe only time, in 2011.  The story goes that Daniel Rose, millionaire, asked his wife, Joanna Rose, what she would like for her 80th birthday. “Something I’ve never seen before,” she said, and “a gift for New York”.  This article writes about it with an eloquence that I never could, so I urge you read it, then download the app or google for images, make a cup of coffee and lose yourself for 20 minutes in the beauty of quilts.



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