Finally, quite by accident, I have found “my” style of quilting magazine.  Not only are there quilts that I would like to make, in modern and vibrant colour combinations, but there are step-by-step tutorials for all of them too, plus lots of useful information and history.  It it is put together in such a fun way, with modern fonts and layout, it could be my new BFF (best friend forever) when it comes to quilting.   I can’t tell you the number of times I have stood in a large magazine outlet and picked up the offerings there….

IMG_3298  IMG_3299

Depressed by the colours, the layout (I hail from Graphic Design background!) and writing style, I put it back on the shelf and go home dejected and empty handed!  There must be something for me out there! But just take a look at the cover of Quilty!

Quilty-M-A_2013-cover_200_53940  Quilty-Su12cover_200    QuiltyJan2013-cover_200

How colourful!  How quirky!  There is is cute hand-drawn cotton reel inside called Spooly to offer extra help, and so, so much content.  And the Editor, Mary Fons, is fun and quirky too – she does quilting TV at QNNtv.com!  Can you imagine!

Sadly, Quilty is not sold here in the UK (yet).  I can’t hold it in my hands and rumple the pages, or take it to bed to read, and it won’t live on my shelves for years, becoming dog-eared with love, like other favourites.  I can get it digitally, which is better than nothing, and it has introduced me to the veritable quilting dynasty that is Fons and Porter, who publish other magazines, so next time I am in a magazine store, perhaps I will get lucky!


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