old dog, new tricks

I have been sewing for most of my adult life.  I have sewn all kinds of things, from dolls to duvets, curtains to clothing.  I consider myself a competent sewer.  Yet, I am constantly learning.  Even if I am making an item a second or third time, I may learn a new colour combination, or discover a new technique.  But I take particular pleasure in picking up and sharing tips and tricks from a fellow quilter/crafter/sewer.  So today’s learning journey was a resounding success on all fronts.

I attended a Log Cabin Quilt class at Creative Quilting, run by Lesley Owens, and I have learnt all sorts of things that are going to be immensely useful across all areas of my sewing.  I have learnt how the right equipment can simplify the process of measuring and cutting out (be gone, metal ruler), how to adjust my sewing machine to enhance my sewing, and thanks to some valuable tips repeated patiently by Lesley throughout the day (put the piece just added to the top!), by jove, I think I’ve got it.   Perhaps most precious of all, I got to spend a whole day (yes, a whole day!)  making, chatting, laughing and sharing with a lovely group of  ladies, all on their own personal quilting journey.

log cabin class

Although we were all making the same thing, once we’d got our heads around the concept (thank you, Lesley), we all bought our own stamp to bear on the creative process.    Soon we were all squaring, stripping, and seaming away, and the time flew.  I look forward to being able to post about the completed quilts soon!

As to my own square, does it look familiar, readers?

IMG_3635    IMG_3521

On the left, today’s Log Cabin block.  On the right, one of my Scrap Blocks before it is cut to size.  Look at the colours!!  I can’t wait to see both finished – I will be posting updates on both quilts as they grow.  I have certainly acquired techniques that will improve my Scrap Blocks.  It will be interesting to see which quilt I finish first.

p.s. Lesley runs a variety of quilting and creative classes at Creative Quilting, and she will adapt classes to suit particular needs if you let her know in advance.  And if you get a chance to visit the shop, DO!  It is quilter’s heaven.


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