busy times

My head, this week, is full of ice-cream, rather than quilts, as I plan my daughter’s 10th birthday ice cream sundae sleepover party next weekend!  (Help!) I had such good intentions, this past weekend, of actually getting my quilts tops finished, and perhaps sandwiched to show you this week.   Instead, I have added  little […]

saturday sharing

Before today’s offering, I would like to congratulate Simone for claiming my Cath Kidston remnants from last week’s post.  They are in the post! When I started Saturday Sharing, I was excited to share sites that I already loved and followed on a regular basis.  Those done, the weekly post required a little more research.  I […]

tea cosy tutorial

Tea cosy/tea cozy?  Anyway, here is the tutorial that I promised last week.  Don’t be daunted – it’s really quite simple, only 4 bits of fabric and it looks fantastic.  Read through the instructions a couple of times to understand them before starting.  Here’s what you will need: Outer fabric – cotton or linen /  Lining fabric […]


The sunshine here this weekend prompted a burst of productivity in the studio – things long overdue.  The mending basket was emptied, trousers were hemmed, buttons were sewn on and projects (poncho cushion) were completed.     I made some more pot holders… tutorial to follow…            and I finally ordered some lovely moo minicards. […]

saturday sharing

What a visual feast of Infinite Variety I bring to you today.  Does that ring bells for anyone? During my app search yesterday, I came across perhaps THE most visually arresting quilting site yet.  An amazing, daring, joyful and philanthropic gift from a lady who loves quilts, to New York City.  The Infinite Variety: Three […]

in with the old, in with the new

The stories and the history of quilting interests and fascinates me as much as the process itself.  In making a quilt, I feel part of that history, the community of people who invest time to create the beautiful stories and useful items that will long outlast their maker.  I feel totally peaceful when I am […]

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stash busting patchwork and projects

Does my bum look 40 in this?

stash busting patchwork and projects