I have had to give myself a stern talking-to this week.  I think that the enormity of my quest, not to mention the neatly-piled-yet-unsorted fabric in my studio is causing me subconscious anxiety.  So instead of actually doing some sewing, I find myself flitting between this….


…my soon-to-be (ha) Life on a Dirt Road-inspired feedsack quilt; and this…..


….joining the many of my husband’s old shirts to be turned into Big Blue Shilt or Quirt (do you see what I did there?) and this…


Distraction lays in every direction, you see.

To take stock, so far, on Day 37, I have two complete samples finished, to be joined soon by this little guy, another sample, who is getting his binding tonight, but not a lot else!


So after dinner, I sprang into action and produced one more square for my Red and Blue Scrap Quilt, which you can see on the end here, bringing my tally to five.


I am not sure how many of these my stash will allow me to make as most of it is left over from a wedding present I made last year – I will show you that once I find the photo – so I plan to keep going until I feel the quilt will be big enough or this colour way runs out!

Then I will decide whether to piece the top with sashing (strips of fabric that go between the blocks and act as a frame to add definition) to make it a little larger or without.

Right, time to stop flitting, step away from the computer and go do a little binding.  Bye for now.


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