saturday sharing

I was drawn to the blog I am sharing with you today by a divinely cute, needle-felted Jack Russell.  You may have noticed a canine friend in some of my photos – I’ve had three of them to date – so Jack Russells hold a particularly fond spot in my heart.   Ours is very cute, and very cheeky, and likes nothing better […]

saturday sharing

What’s it like where you are today?  The view from my studio looks like this: grim! But on a brighter note, today I would like to share the lovliness of Worn and Washed Fabrics with you.  Isn’t that name special?  Everything about it evokes quiltiness in all it’s glory.   I was first drawn to Kim Porter’s […]


I have had to give myself a stern talking-to this week.  I think that the enormity of my quest, not to mention the neatly-piled-yet-unsorted fabric in my studio is causing me subconscious anxiety.  So instead of actually doing some sewing, I find myself flitting between this…. …my soon-to-be (ha) Life on a Dirt Road-inspired feedsack […]

and yet another way

You know, folk are so talented! I am always amazed that, given similar elements and tools, people turn out such a wide variety of beautiful items, and in particular, quilts!  And the fabulous thing about quilting is that there is always another way to learn.  Today, by the power of the Web, I am excited […]

an award

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking (ahem)… I am hugely honoured, on Day 33 of my Stash Busting blog, to be nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger award, by fellow blogger lynnie57.  Especially as March is National Quilting Month! Lynnie blogs about family history research, and she found me through our shared love of….you guessed […]

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stash busting patchwork and projects