back to the stash

My family and I have been on a whistle stop tour of Cornwall over the last few days, to lay a dear friend to rest.  Despite the sombre occasion, we have seen some beautiful sights…


The weather was glorious enough for some of us to do a little paddling…


We have done lots of walking…


… and even more eating of pasties, cream teas, and ice-cream that no amount of arctic air was going to stop, and no camera evidence to shame us!  Sadly, no sewing or movement on the stash front, BUT I did spot some patchwork.


This one is the most simple form of patchwork – one piece of fabric on the back, one on the front, and a layer of wadding sandwiched between. Then the whole thing is quilted into squares before the front is wrapped over to the back and slip stitched. This one has seen a lot of service, but it was ever so warm!

 IMG_3272   IMG_3271

I spotted these beauties in St Ives, in a little porch way in the back lanes. A lovely combination of pattern and muted tones. Don’t they add the perfect seaside note to the proceedings?   I found myself noticing quilting patterns in all sorts of places too.

IMG_3262  IMG_3294  IMG_3241

Have a good rest of the week.  I’ll be back soon with some scrap quilting to show you.

IMG_3274  IMG_3275


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